April 20, 2010


So I was inspired to do this post by another blogger.  I mean the truth can only set me free right?!

Here are my confessions:

  1. I am tired of being the biggest girl in my group of friends, classmates, coworkers, and family
  2. When I am working out I imagine me at a healthier weight and shocking everyone back at home who talked about me picking up weight since high school
  3. The word Fat cuts me everytime I here someone say it and I always wonder what type of things they say about me behind closed doors
  4. I yo-yoed my whole life and I have clothes to prove it (I have clothes ranging from size 8-22)
  5. I use to take water pills and other diet pills to lose my weight
  6. One summer all I ate was baked potatoes and salad to lose weight
  7. Its a struggle for me to eat fruits in my daily routine
  8. When I am working out, I am nervous that my boobs may hit me in my eye (lol)
  9. I have a true addiction to food and I can be mean/moody when I don't eat or when people mess with my food without asking
  10. I don't like to try on clothes in the dressing room because I am scared of how the clothes look on me
  11. I can't stand going shopping with some of my friends because I cannot buy anything but accessories in most of the stores
  12. This is my 3rd time doing Weight Watchers
  13. I use to think that being skinner meant that I would be able to get a Man
  14. I don't like to look at myself in the mirror when I am getting dressed
  15. I think I am falling in love with working out but I am very nervous/scared that I will fall off track (and I really don't want to)
  16. Weight Watchers has truly allowed me to change my mindset on alot of things
  17. I took a body image class to teach myself how to love my body no matter what
  18. I feel like I am really in charge of my body and I am loving every minute of it
  19. I am addicted to signing up for 5ks
  20. The weekends for me are horrible eating wise and I really want to stick to my plan
  21. I dislike events that have food provided because I always binge
I feel like I have alot but that is just a sneak peek into my life and weight loss

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