April 16, 2010

My first time grilling fish!!!!

Doesn't it look good?!  Well it smells good.  Yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought all types of spices and decided to cook the tilapia I had in my freezer.  The spices I used for this batch was herbs, garlic, and wine (it was a packet).  I put it on my George Foreman grill and now its in my fridge because I am bout to go to my aerobics class but I can't wait to eat some of it for dinner!!!!!  I will give you my review of it and the points after I come back.

Ok my tilapia was banging!!!!! And it was only 2 points!!!!! Holler! I am so proud of myself for making it.

I tried a new fitness class today and man oh man am I tried.  I have concluded that all fitness instructors are crazy!!!!!  He had us run up and down the stairs like 12 times while carrying weights and that was just the beginning of the workout.  Though I struggled throughout the class, I will be there again on Friday.


  1. looks delish! I wouldv've never thought to use the foreman grill for fish--I must try that.

  2. Yes you should try it!!!! It was so good!