November 24, 2009

A little frustrated.... I just want to know my hair type that is all!

So ever since I did my bc I have always wondered what my hair type is. I have been on different forums, watching youtube videos, looking at peoples blogs, and even doing a google search and I have yet to find my hair type...... I am going crazy over here I just want to find my hair twin, sister, cousin. My hair is soooooooooooooooooooooo tightly coiled and it shrinks so much. I still love it, don't get me wrong but I am running out of things to do with it. Also I am looking for that one product, that stable product that will just make these coils pop lol. Well this is my rant for today lol I hope you enjoyed it :o)

November 16, 2009

I got my hair trimmed for the very first time!!!!

So this past weekend I got a trim for free!!! Let me tell you, scissors have not touched my hair since my big chop and that has been 9 months now. My hair truly needed a trim but I was afraid of someone doing it and not knowing what they were doing but let me tell you, I was blessed to meet a lady who knew what she was doing. I had to ask her what steps she would take to trim my hair. And she said the obvious... "I won't cut off too much, just the split ends" I was thinking in my head like everybody said that. And then she said what I was looking for, that she would wet my hair first before she combed it. I knew right then that I was about to get my hair trimmed. Well I got it trimmed in someones kitchen (never did that before but I was at a like a women's retreat). Man, my hair feels so different from the trim! It feels amazing!!!!! Its soft and healthy and everything!!!! I had to apologize to my hair for waiting so long to get it trimmed. I will faithfully trim my hair every 3 months because it looks and feels so healthy!!!!!!!

November 01, 2009

Starting the Hair Challenge today!!!!

Here are the rules for the hair challenge that I am participating in:

I will be doing this from Nov 1- Jan 1 (I hope I can stick to it lol)

1. Wear protective styles
-I will be wearing twists and twist outs, I might do nubian twists if I can find someone to do them for me lol

2. Water
-will be drinking at least 32oz a day
-need hair to be healthy inside and out

3. Moisturize ends daily
-trying to figure out how I can moisturize my ends so if you have any advice let me know

4. No heat
-if I do use heat it will only be for once a month

5. Stick to my routine
-no more buying new products
-this will be a struggle for me but I know I can do it and I will save some money :o)