April 12, 2010

Sometimes we just have to pamper ourselves......

You know you like my new picture!!!!!  So I went to a spa program that a resident put on and it was so soothing and fun.  She made a facial mask out of natural products and you know I had to try it out. LOL well it was wonderful and my skin felt so smooth after I washed my face.

Here is the Recipe:

"Best Facial Mask to Smooth the Skin"


Banana (over-ripe).....1/2
Avacado (over-ripe)....1/2
Cucumber (chopped)....1 TBSP.
Yogurt....1 TBSP
Olive Oil....1 TBSP

(I usually triple the recipe when doing for a group of people.)


Mix all the ingredients and process them in a blender.
Apply a thick layer and leave for 30 min.
Wash with lukewarm water, then splash with cold water.

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