November 06, 2010

Day 6 of 30 day shred

Day 6 is completed!

I feel like I will have all the lines memorized on this workout DVD by the time I complete the 30 days.  Sometimes Jillian can be a little annoying lol.  Though this workout is only 20 minutes, I still bust out a sweat so bad.  I can't wait until I can complete the whole workout without stopping.  That will be the highlight of my year if I can do that.

So today is my last day in Ohio for our conference.  It was a long but worthwhile time.  I truly enjoyed myself with the students and we bonded very well.  Now I am dreading this 6 hour drive back.  UGH!!!!!!!

I know throughout my healthy lifestyle journey, my main goal has been to stop making up excuses for exercising, eating healthy, and basically putting my health at the fore front.  So for today's motivation I found the perfect quote:

So basically I am trying to commit to my new healthy lifestyle.  Each day is a challenge for me but I try not to make up excuses and just learn how to be healthy and happy.


  1. I know what you mean about Jillian, I agreethat some times I roll my eyes at her. You are doing great so far!

  2. How has the shred reflected on your weight loss? I am possibly wanting to look for it and try it out.... I am currently doing a Couch 2 5K but I would like to add some more to my work outs :)

  3. Angela- I will have to let you know when I weigh in on Thursday but I do "feel" my boobs getting smaller lol

  4. Ohhh I can't wait to find out!! I need my boobs to get smaller!!! LOL! All though I am nursing so that might not be happening anytime soon.. :(