June 30, 2009

I am not my hair!

So my friend did my hair last night, because I told her I was getting tired of my TWA. She gave me some coils!!!! Tell me if you like them or not. I think it makes me look mature!!!! I am rocking my Mary Kay make up so I feel oh so Diva at work lol. Really can't see them (sorry about that).

June 29, 2009

I know my body shape!!!! Finally!

So I am starting to appreciate my thickalicousness to the next level. All through my life I have struggled with my weight and accepting that I was FABULOUS no matter what my pant size or scale said.

With this new chapter in my life, I am learning to love everything about myself. Being the "Diva" that I am, I just love fashion!!!! I love feeling good and looking good but I get so frustrated when I try to find some fly clothes. It has been hard for me for real!!!!! I am short, big chest, big stomach, big thighs, and a HUGE butt!!!!! So when I shop most of the time things would be to long for me or just wouldn't look right because of my stomach. There have been plenty of times that I cried in dressing rooms.

You know what?! No more tears are going to be shed when I am looking for my outfits!!!!!!! I have finally found what body type/shape I am!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a little information about figure 8 body types taken from IGIGI:

Figure Eight Shape...

Outshining your hourglass shaped sister? Your body silhouette is amazingly curvaceous and not only do you share similar qualities as the hourglass, you also have the diamond, triangle, rectangle, oval, and inverted triangle infused into your unique shape. Your shoulders line up nicely with your overall silhouette and your voluptuous cleavage is one of your great assets. The definition in your waist is visible; however, you may have issues with your "love handles" and front bulge of your tummy area. Like the oval shape, the fullness is evenly distributed throughout your body. Also, the upper parts of your arms tend to be fuller while the lower parts of your arms are slender. Overall, you have great proportion to your body! Embrace your curves and work with what you've got! There are a lot trendy styles available that accentuate and complement your figure well. Take this information, shop for the right stuff, and strut your sassy figure eight shape.

June 25, 2009

Don't Even Know lol

So I wanted to write a new blog but I didn't know what to name it lol. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all some things that people have told me these past couple of weeks that I thought was interesting..................

So I have been/WAS talking to this guy for a minute kind of.... It was to the point where he told me I was wifey material (ladies just because he say this doesn't mean anything at all because I have had PLENTY of boys tell me I was wifey but I am still single because NONE of them was husband material through my eyes and God's).

Ok back to the story: So I told ole boy that I cut all of my hair off and have been natural for about 4 months. He said he was curious to see how I look now, so I sent him a picture (this is where everything went down hill lol). So asked him to be honest about what he thought about my picture. He said it was "different and it is something to get use to" Ok cool I understand that but he kept going!!!!! He gonna tel me "Don't worry your hair will grow back" EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! I am not worried whether or not my hair is going to grow back, I mean it will be nice for my hair to grow back but right now I am embracing my natural beauty, the beauty that God has blessed me with! If I am suppose to be wifey shouldn't you appreciate me outside and in no matter what?!

I just don't understand why society is so on the way people look. We are so quick to judge one another based on our looks then anything else. I mean the most "fly" person in the world can have a horrible attitude/personality but you rather be with that person because they have sex appeal?! All I have to say is "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised." (Proverbs 31:30)

Ok so the other day I met this girl who seemed really cool and everything. She came by the halls to say goodbye to all of her friends before she left for Turkey to go teach. I was interested in her teaching job that she got in Turkey (cause you know I am trying to move abroad and work some day). She was saying how good this job was how they were paying for her flight and if she didn't like it they would fly her back to the US for free and all this other stuff. I was thinking wow this is the job! So I asked her how did she find out about this amazing opportunity. Why in the world this girl told me that she found it on CRAIG'S LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man when she told me that I just pray that I didn't have a look on my face because in my mind I was thinking that she was crazy!!!!!! Why in the world would you fly across the world to a job that you don't know that much about that you found on freaking Craig's list. Well I'm going to pray for her because who knows what she has gotten herself into.

Now this is my last crazy/random story that I have for you all. So as all of you know I am natural and loving every minute of it. Right now my hair is so short that I cannot do any styles to it but a TWA. So sometimes I get bored with my hair. So I have been looking for products that will enhance my natural curls so they can POP! Well yesterday I went to bible study and met this girl who was natural as well and her curls were POPPING!!!! So I asked her what products could I use to enhance my curls (and this girl does hair so I was thinking she would know what she is talking about). Why did she tell me to put a perm in my head for a little bit and to loosen up my curls?! I AM NOT PUTTING ANY PERMS IN MY HEAD! If I wanted to do all of that, why did I cut my hair. She gave me another product to use but I highly doubt I'm gonna use that. Goodness I am turning away from chemicals, not welcoming them back into my beautiful hair. So I guess I will continue to rock my TWA until further notice lol

June 23, 2009

Do you love MARY KAY?! Well I am a consultant now!

Just letting all my fabulous followers out there know that I am now a Mary Kay consultant. So if you are looking for someone to place your orders, schedule facial parties for you and your friends, or just want to play around with some make up LOOK ME UP!!!!

I would love to help you to embrace your inner DIVA by providing some helpful tips about skin care,make up, and just making you feel FABULOUS!

I believe this is another opportunity for me to touch other people's lives and also to help me to build more confidence and encouragement for myself.

To all the men out there don't be afraid to contact me either! I would love to do a men's facial class with our men's products.

If you want to look at our products, do a virtual makeover, or place an order go to my website at www.marykay.com/hshepherd176

June 18, 2009

Essence of a Black Woman

You can see the essence of a black woman when she walks into a room.
Her beauty is like a flower that blooms.
She doesn't need a man to be strong,
Because she remains a woman all on her own.
She overcomes challenges that stands in her way.
The inner strength she has gets her through the day.
She continues to triumph with elegance and grace.
While being a double jeopardy because of her sex and her race.
She is a goal oriented woman with style and confidence.
She never forgets where she comes from and for that she is blessed.
She has faith in God and not ashamed to acknowledge his presence in her life.
She can testify that without him she could never endure any sacrifice.
This black woman of beauty is the mother of all.
And for that we should be proud and stand tall.
Everyone around her can feel her presence.
For she is a Black woman of essence.
~ Kathy L. Martin

Saved & Single

I need to read this everyday when I am feeling lonely and wondering if I will be found by my husband that GOD will send for me......

~ Author Unknown~

What makes you think that just because I am an attractive woman of Godly intelligence

that I'm incomplete without a mate?

Who told you that without a man

something's missing from my life?

and if so, what would that be?


I love myself

And more importantlyI love the Lord

He told me that when I delight in Him,

he will give me the desires of my heart


I have everything I need according to His riches in glory.


Now, how's a man going to get to know me

When he doesn't even know who he is in the Lord

See my Father told me I'm above a ruby's worth

And a gem does not seek it is sought

I'm single and that's all right with me

See, it's not that I oppose relationships

it's that I detest co-dependency

as a woman I know it is not my role
to chase after any man

Esther 2:14 reads That I am to wait on my king and when he's delighted in me. He will call me by my name.

My Lord does not intend for me to be needy or desperate.

I am to be Cherished, Relished, Valued, and Honored,

It's not my job to convince him

Or Convict him of that,

My mate will already know it

And consistently show it

And he will stay on his knees daily

Not just to adore me

But to praise the Lord for

The virtuous woman he has found

So, when you see me by myself

I'm not aloneI know what I have coming to me

I'm single and saved, and right now that's all I need to be!

June 09, 2009

My Bucket List!!!!!!

Here are some things I wanna do in my lifetime:

  • go sky diving
  • live on the west coast (either Seattle or San Fran)
  • white water rafting
  • visit every state
  • live in London, England (for 3months- year)
  • live in Mexico(to learn Spanish lol)
  • get my PhD (not right away)
  • become a mini van mom (I am really excited about this but only if God is willing)
  • run a mile (right now run is not in my vocab)
  • get my masters in:


-Teaching (math maybe)

-College Student Personnel Administration (coming in May 2010)

  • work at an HBCU
  • work in Orientation(or work with)
  • design a program that will solve the problem of the revolving door for all minorities in college
  • become director of Multicultural Affairs at a university (still deciding about my career path)
  • teach a college class (might be doing this, this fall)
  • become a fitness instructor (either step or zumba)
  • start a scholarship for phenomenal women @ Maple Heights High School
  • become a cheerleader coach
  • visit:

-Madrid, Spain



-Kenya(use my Kiswahili)

-just basically travel the world

  • teach an algebra class
  • take up ballroom dancing
  • go on the Disney cruise
  • go camping(need to find some friends for this one because I am too much of a chicken to go by myself)
  • go backpacking
  • take a self defense class
  • take 5 cycling classes (I am scared its going to hurt my booty)
  • touch or inspire one person