October 22, 2010

Just for fun :o)

So I just joined twitter last month I believe.....  And I am following TheDailyVirgo.  Though we shouldn't believe in this stuff.... Here are some things that fits my personality very well:

  • A Virgo woman is very self conscious and hates rejections, so she will disclose her feelings for you until she feels you feel the same way
  • A Virgo woman becomes shy and speaks less in the presence of someone she really likes.
  • A Virgo woman plays "hard to get" b/c she has to have time to scope u out and be sure of your motives. Be cool, she is worth the challenge
  • Virgo women are not big flirts, but when flirting is initiated first they can adapt well. 
  • You've got to make it clear to a Virgo woman that you like her. Make her feel like she is the one and only person u are interested in.
  • If you like a Virgo woman, be straightforward with her. She appreciates an aggressive male and will not be into games.
  • Virgo women are good for passing comments. She wont come out and say"hey I like u", but "i like your smile" is a sure sign she is interested
  • Virgo women have a hard time communicating, their mind does not allow them to relax. Expressing your feelings first is what they expect.
  • Virgo can b hard to read.They hate feelin vulnerable and r afraid of rejection, the more they like u, the more they will try to conceal it
  • Virgo women will show subtle signs that they like you. The staring and eye contact is a very good sign that she's interested.
  • Virgo will wnt to spend alot of time with the person they like. Time is precious, and they will never waste it on someone they don't like
  • Virgo find it hard 2trust ppl, they r very sensitive and easily hurt.if they share intimate details with u that is a sure sign of attraction
  • Virgo will be annoyed by this 160 character limit, for they have alot to say! LOL
  • If you are texting a Virgo, make sure you spell check for Virgo will be annoyed by typos.
  • The dainty Virgo woman is attracted to the strong man who is sincere and doesn't try too hard.

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