June 29, 2009

I know my body shape!!!! Finally!

So I am starting to appreciate my thickalicousness to the next level. All through my life I have struggled with my weight and accepting that I was FABULOUS no matter what my pant size or scale said.

With this new chapter in my life, I am learning to love everything about myself. Being the "Diva" that I am, I just love fashion!!!! I love feeling good and looking good but I get so frustrated when I try to find some fly clothes. It has been hard for me for real!!!!! I am short, big chest, big stomach, big thighs, and a HUGE butt!!!!! So when I shop most of the time things would be to long for me or just wouldn't look right because of my stomach. There have been plenty of times that I cried in dressing rooms.

You know what?! No more tears are going to be shed when I am looking for my outfits!!!!!!! I have finally found what body type/shape I am!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a little information about figure 8 body types taken from IGIGI:

Figure Eight Shape...

Outshining your hourglass shaped sister? Your body silhouette is amazingly curvaceous and not only do you share similar qualities as the hourglass, you also have the diamond, triangle, rectangle, oval, and inverted triangle infused into your unique shape. Your shoulders line up nicely with your overall silhouette and your voluptuous cleavage is one of your great assets. The definition in your waist is visible; however, you may have issues with your "love handles" and front bulge of your tummy area. Like the oval shape, the fullness is evenly distributed throughout your body. Also, the upper parts of your arms tend to be fuller while the lower parts of your arms are slender. Overall, you have great proportion to your body! Embrace your curves and work with what you've got! There are a lot trendy styles available that accentuate and complement your figure well. Take this information, shop for the right stuff, and strut your sassy figure eight shape.

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