January 31, 2009

I'm cutting all of my hair off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting into the Freakum Dress

Sooooooooooooooooooooo I am about to change my whole appearance! I am going to cut all of my hair off next month. I am quite nervous to see how I look. I just hope and pray that I do not look funny. Once I cut my hair I'm gonna buy scarves and HUGE earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this new me coming out just means I need to get more dedicate on my healthy living regime. I have been slipping badly on my exercising and eating healthy but its cool this is gonna be a new day, new week, new month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I shall keep you up to date on me going natural and losing my weight. I am nervous to hear the comments once I chop my hair off.

January 26, 2009

When it Rains, it POURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Talk Show

Lord please give me the strength I need to get through these rough times in my life. Gosh I had to say a little prayer before I went into what has been going on in my life. I haven't wrote in here for like over 2 weeks. I am so sorry everyone, I just have been going through alot in my life. The crazy thing that is going on while I am writing this is that Yolanda Adam is on my Pandora singing the Battle is not your's, its the Lord's. Wow, God knows my heart and he is truly looking after me even when I am not even thinking about it.

This past week has truly been a rough one for me. A couple of weeks ago my Grandmother had knee surgery. The surgery went good, she was up walking around telling everyone she had to get better so she could go to Hawaii with my little sister...... The next day she stopped breathing and now she is on a ventilator. I mean I just seen her before I left to come back for school. So now everyday I am getting calls telling me that I might need to rush home. Gosh do you know what that does to me?! It is very stressful not knowing whats about to happen. Being 12 hrs away from home and family at this kind of time is really a struggle cause its not like I can up and go home. On top of my family calling me every minute about my Grandmother, I get another call about my friend's sister who just passed away and I just seen her before I left too! Man............... it seems like i get bad news everyday.

Right now I am going through an interview process to find my summer internship. Mind you I already struggle with interviews (lol). So right before my interview (like 5 minutes before) my mother calls me to tell me that my auntie is in the hospital because she was so stressed out over my grandmother. Lets just say that interview did not go as well as it could.............. Man just a whole lot has really been trying to bring a sista down but I just need to be prayful and hopeful.

I am really trying not to get in my depressing stage that I seem to always get in because it is not healthy for me, my job, staff, and others around me. I need to always consider that I am TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't mind just please keep my grandmother and my family in your prayers. Thankssssssssssssssssss

January 12, 2009


Getting into the Freakum Dress

So I lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!! Yay me!!! I just need to keep up this exercise thing up. I feel great and I have so much energy now. But yet again food is my down fall. I need to get my mind right and just start using the word no!

The Day in the Life of an RHDiva

So my residents moved in yesterday............ but my mind is still on break lol. I feel like I am losing it. I need to get my life together for real. I feel as though I am not ready for this semester but it has already started so I need to get my act together. Back to me having no life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol All this paperwork, residents, interviews, hiring folks. Pray for me please!

Talk Show

So I started liking this boy I use to go to high school with, he is younger than me. Back in the day he use to have a crush on me and since then we have kept in touch with eachother. I just don't know how I feel about this at all. I think I fell into like way to quickly and I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up high at all but I haven't had male attention in such a freaking long time. Shoot a woman gets lonely sometimes lol. In my book I have been single for 4 years (I had some commercial breaks in those 4yrs but I really don't count them because they were not good/healthy for me). Well anyways, before I left to come back to Missouri this guy took me to the movies (he really didn't "take" me to the movies, he drove but we paid for our own tickets, so we went together to the movies). I was quite nervous to see me because of the way I looked (i know sad, but the last time he seen me I was quite a looker lol). Well we went to the movie and I don't know how it went, I guess it went alright cause he decided to keep talking to me afterwards lol. We have been keeping eachother entertain for this past week but he just recently went back to school and I feel as though now our conversations will end now......... Which I kind of have a feeling about. So I'm thinking, should I fall for this guy, or should I just forget about him? I just feel like opening up my heart for something that might not work. I am the kind of person that truly reads too much into things and I get excited over small little things. So i think I am reading too much into the things he tells me.................. Like I think I am so ready to have a boo-ski that I may cling on to the first male who shows me attention lol (not really). So what should I do if I sense that this guy is gonna stop talking to me? Should I keep trying to stay in contact with him or should I let him decided it? I am known for deleting boys numbers out of my phone after a while, so i am trying not to do to this one. I don't know I am really feeling him but I don't know if he is feeling me or not.................... This thing called love is a very difficult game to play

January 07, 2009

I am so disappointed in myself!!!!!

Getting into My Freakum Dress

Oh my goodness I am so disappointed in myself................ I ate some chipotle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know we all slip up sometimes but man I slipped up lol. After I ate it I felt horrible, I think this truly happen for a reason, I believe I am truly over unhealthy foods (hopefully). After I ate my burrito i felt like a freaking elephant and I couldn't move, I was uncomfortable, just ugh! I am making myself a promise right now. I will not put foods in my body that will slow it down and make me feel nasty. Lord please give me the strength to turn down all the BAD foods I am use to eating. I need some support people lol!

January 03, 2009

Beautiful Flower

Getting Into the Freakum Dress

Why Do I Want to Lose Weight?!

  • So I can walk up the stairs w/o losing my breath

  • So I can bend over w/o feeling uncomfortable

  • So I don't have to be the biggest girl in my group of friends

  • So I can be healthy

  • So I can buy cute clothes for cheap (so I can shop at all the stores)

  • So I can feel comfortable all the time and not worry about if my stomach and rolls are showing

  • So I can borrow clothes from my little sister cause she is tooooooooooooooo fly!!!!

Today is my second day of exercising! I feel great but I just need to stick to it. I always start off strong but by the 3rd week I lose motivation, so pray that I keep my motivation this time cause I need to drop these pounds badly.

The Sassy Girl's Book Club

My new book that I start reading yesterday on the plane is The Invisible man by Ralph Ellison. So far I have only read the prologue but it is really good. Based off of Wikipedia this book addresses many of the social and intellectual issues facing African-American identity, including the relationship between this identity and Marxism, black nationalism, and the reformist racial policies of Booker T. Washington

I am really excited to read this book for real! I will keep you updated on my reactions to this book.


So I love India Arie! All of her songs speak to my soul, like I can relate to almost every song that she writes/sings. When you want to feel motivated, powerful, or just need some soul healing you need to listen to her. Yesterday I was trying to find some new songs for my workout play list and I came across one of her songs that I never heard before and let me tell you it is my new fav. It is called Beautiful Flower and it is the truth for real! Here are the lyrics let me know how you feel about it! Trust I have it on repeat right now.

Beautiful Flower By India Arie

This is a song for every girl who's ever been through something, she thought she couldn't make it through (yeah, hmm)

I sing these words because I was that girl too, wanting something better than this, but who do I turn to?

Now were moving from the darkness into the light, this is the defining moment of our lives. (umm, yeah)

'Cause your beautiful like a flower, more valuable than a diamond, you are powerful like a fire, you can hela the world with your mind and there is nothing in the world that you cannot do, when you believe in you (who are beautiful), yeah you (who are brilliant), yeah you (who are powerful), yeah you (who are resilient)

This is a song for every girl who feels that she is not special

'Cause you don't look like a supermodel, coke bottle

The next ime the radio tells you to shake your moneymaker, shake your head and tell them, tell them you're a leader

Now were moving from the darkness into the light, this is the defining moment of our lives. (yeah)

'Cause your beautiful like a flower, more valuable than a diamond, you are powerful like a fire, you can heal the world with your mind and there is nothing in the world that you cannot do, when you believe in you (who are beautiful), yeah you (who are brilliant), yeah you (who are powerful), yeah you (who are resilient)

Yeah you (who are beautiful)

Yeah you (who are brilliant)

Yeah you (who are powerful)

Yeah you (who are resilient)

Yeah you (this song is for you)

Yeah you (this song is for you)

Yeah you (this song is for you)

Yeah you

Yeah you

January 02, 2009

New Format for my blog.... I think you all will like it

So I have decided to change the format of my blog, actually I was inspired by a dear friend to change the format of my blog. I believe with this different format my readers/friends/family/fans (oh how I wish I had fans lol) will get a better inside look of my life since you all can no longer keep in touch with me thru facebook or myspace any more. So this is how the layout will look (please give me feed back):

I have decided to break my blog up into 5 sections: Getting into the Freakum Dress, The Day and the Life of a RHDiva, The Sassy book club, Talk Show, and Inspiration.

Getting into the Freakum Dress
  • This section will be about my journey of weight loss and exercise. I will talk about the ups and downs of a Thickalicious woman trying to become healthier. This section is really suppose to be a motivation for me to continue on my goals of trying to lose weight and get into the lovely shape that I need to be in.

The Day in the life a RHDiva

  • This section will be about the things that are going on with my work and my school life. This right here will probably keep me sane because this is the true stress of my life lol but I love it soooooooooooooo much........

The Sassy Book Club

  • This is where I let you know all about the books I am reading. Also about books that I want to read.

Talk Show

  • This is where all the drama goes down at....... I will talk about different things that has been bothering me or just my opinion about different subjects.


  • You know I always have to end on a good note so this section right here will have quotes, feel me goods, and encouraging history.

So this will be my layout of my blog and I am kind of excited about it. I hope you will enjoy my blogs even more now. Also to let you know I have decided to keep the colors for each section so they will stand out.

January 01, 2009

I deactivated my facebook account!!!!

Oh my goodness I have been off of facebook for 24hrs and I am freaking out. I know that facebook isn't a big thing or anything but I had an addiction to it. I use to be on it all the time!!!! When I was bored in class I use to get on it on my phone. I use to read all of my friends statuses look through all the pictures. Gosh I knew almost everything that people would put on their facebook profile. Isn't that sad?! Well I know that I wanted to make a major change in my life and I knew the first thing that had to change was facebook. Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with high school, college, childhood, random friends but it was bad for me because I use to sit there and compare my life to others. I do not know why I would do this but I guess we always want the things that we do not have. Also another reason why I had to get off of facebook because I was not being productive in my life at all. I use to sit on the computer for hours just going through pictures, statuses, profiles being NOSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you know what I had enough of looking into other peoples lives. I am ready to make a positive change in my life and not worry about Suzie, Billy Bob and Frank lol. Though it has only been 24 hrs I have been wanting to get on it just to see who wrote on my wall, who is online...... NO I have to stop this because now I will have more time to do things that facebook has kept me away from lol. I am determine to exercise more, read more, just enjoy life more. I am making myself promise today that I will not come up with any excuses that will cause me to be a lazy bum in life. I am about to be a new and improved WOMAN! Watch out now!