April 21, 2010

I like this confessions game....

Confessions(outside of weight loss):
  1. When I was little I use to think only black people ate wheat bread and white people ate white bread
  2. I use to have an imaginary friend growing up
  3. I talk to myself very often (even have arguments)
  4. I like to day dream about my future life and what type of wife and mother I will be
  5. Interracial couples makes my heart smile
  6. I get nervous around babies (I don't want them to start crying)
  7. I never want to disappoint others (but I am always disappointing myself)
  8. I am an addicted blogger- I love reading other peoples blogs
  9. I get so nervous when I have to pray out loud
  10. interviews make me so NERVOUS (I feel as though people are judging me)
  11. I want to deactivate my facebook account again but I am afraid that I will lose contact w/all my friends
  12. I can't stand talking on the phone (awkward silence gets on my nerves)
  13. I use to want to be Janet Jackson's back up dancer
  14. I can find anyone on Facebook and I don't even have to know their names (just sad lol)
  15. Sometimes I wish I could re-do my undergraduate experience (but hey things happen for a reason)
  16. When I am in an airport I make up stories for all the passengers
  17. Sometimes I have the urge to touch people's hair and arms when I am standing in line after them
  18. I love talking to strangers


  1. I love these!! Of course, #5 makes me particularly happy... being in an interracial relationship myself!

  2. lol I happy you liked them because you inspired me to make the lists :o)