February 21, 2010

My first vlog!!!! Check it out!

February 18, 2010

Goals for this week

-Try one of the Weight Watchers recipes
-eat more fruit and veggies
-Treadclimber speed 2.8
-stay on track and motivated as I go to OPE
-Track all of my food
-no fried or greasy food

I can see me at 150!!!!!

I have been natural for a year and a day lol!!!!!!

Look at my before and after pics!!!!!!! Amazing! I am so happy and my hair is so beautiful!!! This has been a learning experience for me and I loved every minute of it!

February 04, 2010

OH How I love Weight Watchers!!!

So I have completed my first week at Weight Watchers and I am loving it!!! The meetings are so motivational and I want to stick with it!

Last week we talked about all the things we could do instead of turning to food. So I decided to make my own list:

-call someone
-apply for jobs
-write poetry
-visit friends
-clean up
-browse the web
-come up with a new hairstyle
-read professional websites for my field
-take a walk
-watch a movie
-read my bible
-write a to do list
- take a nap

So many things I can do instead of going towards food!!!

Weight Watchers is exactly what I needed to get re-motivated about my weight loss journey.