November 07, 2010

New Shoes!!!! Day 7 of 30 day shred

Day 7= Completed!!!!!

I am beyond tired.  I drove about 6 hours today in a big ole 12 passenger van and when I tell you all I was pushing it, trust me I was.  Also today I have/had 2 meetings with my residents about destruction of the building (ugh).  So basically I am drained, I am really counting down the days until Thanksgiving break so I don't have to worry about my building for a while.

Anyways, these are my new shoes from Shoe Dazzle (its the one to the left)

Motivation for today:  "Nothing tastes as good as being healthy and full of energy feels."  This is Oh so true!  When I am eating right and exercising , I feel wonderful, its when I fall off the wagon is when I feel nasty, ugh! lol

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  1. Ohh! Nice find! I find the Candid version looks better than the D&G version!