November 18, 2008

The Queen of Sheba- Woman of Mystery

Many people think that the origins of the Queen of Sheba is a mystery, not in Ethiopia. They believe the woman who entranced King Solomon was the Ethiopian queen Makeda. Queen Makeda was born in 1020 B.C.E., when her father died she became the queen over the land and it was reported that she was both beautiful and rich.

Makeda found out about King Solomon of Jerusalem through an Ethiopian merchant prince named Tamrin. The queen was so impressed with the description of the king that she traveled to Jerusalem to meet him.

When she arrived in Jerusalem, King Solomon wined and dined her and her entourage, paying special attention to Makeda. They both were delighted with eachother's company that Solomon converted her to his religion Judaism.

While she stayed with King Solomon Makeda became pregnant with his child. Though she was pregnant she had to return her country to rule. Shortly after she returned to Sheba she gave birth to a son naming him Ebna Hakim meaning "son of the wise man."

As the legend goes when their son turned 22 he was sent to visit his father. Solomon was overjoyed to see his son. Solomon wanted him to stay in Jerusalem to become his successor but Ebna wanted to return to Sheba. Solomon let him go sending his counselors' sons who were trained in Hebraic law. These missionaries formed a community of the Falasha (Black Jews- bet ya'll didn't know there were Black Jews in the world) of Ethiiopia, who still form a significant part of the population.

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November 17, 2008

Tiye- Nubian Queen

The first remarkable Black woman I read about in my new book is Tiye a Nubian Queen. Just to let you know I am recieveing all of my info from the book In Her Footsteps.

She was known as the queen mother of Egypt and remain in that position for half a century. Born in 1415 B.C.E. in Nubia. By the time of the reighn of Amenhotep III, Egypt had subjugated Nubia. Against his custom Amenhotep III chose to marry Tiye for political reasons and also because of true love. The custom in Egypt was for a pharoh to marry a daughter of the pharoh in order to keep the royal bloodline pure (which meant that pharohs would usually marry their sister or even their daughters).

Amenhotep III truly loved Tiye, he described her as the Princess, the most praised, the lady of grace, sweet in her love, who fills the palace with her beauty, the Regent of the North and the South, the Great Wife of the King who loves her....... (side note: gosh I pray that my husband will think of me like this). He also demostrated his love by building her a temple in her honor which was the first time in Egyptian history that a queen had recieved such an honor. When sculptures and painting would depict the queen usually she would be half the size of the king but Amenhotep III made sure she was portrayed as an equal.

Tiye was only 13 when she was married and had at least 7 children. After her husband died her son Akhenaten became pharoah. While her husband reign, she helped him to coordinate state policies and her role continued with her son's reign.

Her reign as queen marked a change in the status of women. For the first time a commoner was proclaimed and depicted as the equal of the king.

To learn more about her check this site out:

In Her Footsteps.......

Hey Everybody!!!!! This is my first blog under Single Sassy and Saved! I am super excited about this. I have blogged before but haven't really kept up with it but I am DETERMINED to keep up with this one (I promise). Before I start anything I just want everyone to leave feedback please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear other peoples opinions.

Ok to my blog now...... I just started volunteering at W.E.B. Dubois Learning Center in Kansas City and I love it. I am tutoring kids in math which has been my dream for the longest. Anywho, this past Saturday we had a Staff Meeting and at every meeting they give away prizes to people who attended the meeting and I received a prize!!!!!!! Do you know how excited I was to receive this prize?! Well the prize that I won was a book called In Her Footsteps which is a book that list 101 remarkable Black Women. I was so pumped for this book because based upon my friend Shenena I am all about my Black Heritage, which I am but trust I truly embrace all of the cultures but I REALLY EMBRACE MY CULTURE. So one of the main reasons why I decided to start this blog was to talk about some of these Black women in the book. I think it is so much Black History that people do not know because our education does not take the time out to teach it. So I am going to school some peeps on it. I will start the list when I get back from my classes today lol I have to run to class. So I hope you will come back later to read about 101 Remarkable Black Women!!!!