July 09, 2009

Accessories make the outfit!

So I just got hip to this website Etsy Let me tell you it is amazing!!!!!!!

It is a website for people to sell their handmade items. I fell in love with it the minute I discovered the website.

I have found some shirts and dresses that are so adorable! But wait this is not the reason why I started this post lol. Just recently I found out that my friend designs and makes accessories!!!! Amazing, I know! In my opinion accessories truly make up the outfit. I mean come on, you know when you put on some FABULOUS earrings it just make you look so DIVA! Plus if you are rocking the natural look, you are always trying to find some earrings that will make your style even more WONDERFUL! Well my friend's work is DA BOMB! All of you have to check her work out. Not only does she do a great job but she is such a sweet heart. Check out her products here:

Sweet and Spicy

Tell me what you think!

July 07, 2009

One of the reasons why I love Jill Scott!

New clothing site I found.

So I am trying to "enhance" my style. Recently I have been finding all types of plus size and natural hair blogs that I am loving. All of these blogs have introduce me to new worlds that I am embracing! I am so excited! I have so many choices of clothing stores and also hair products.

This site that I found was the one that helped me identify what body shape I was which is truly a life saver. IGIGI

On this site you can figure out what your body type is by answering some questions and it also gives you suggestions for clothes that you can wear and also clothes you shouldn't wear.

I believe you should check it out if you want to learn more about your body and even look at some of their clothes. In my opinion their clothes are for more of the sophisticated DIVA but if you are trying to step your GROWN WOMAN up then for sure check it out. Also be aware it is a little pricey but you might catch something in their sale section.

I highly suggest you go on this sight to understand your body type so when you do go shopping at a store you will know what types of clothing enhances your thickalicous curves.

If you are a FABULOUS FIGURE 8 like myself her are some tips the website has provided for us:

What to wear
  • Ruffles or softly draped details over the bust and neckline
  • Open collars, asymmetrical details, v-neck, or styles that expose the neckline
  • Wide, empire waist belts to emphasis more on waistline
  • Bottoms that are darker in color, a-line, or flared skirts
What not to wear
  • Light colored tops paired with dark bottoms
  • Styles with horizontal stripes, heavy pleating, ruffles, or extra details at the midsection
  • High necklines
  • Short length tops
Here is a video of a purple dress that I love!!!!!!

July 06, 2009

Love it..... Will always be my song

Deep condition w/Honey and olive oil

So I was trying to find a method that I could deep condition my hair with using the products I already have. If you are not aware I am a product junkie!!!!!!! I believe the reason why I am a product Junkie is because I want to find a product that makes my curls POP....

Any who, yesterday I decided to deep condition with honey and olive oil. First I shampooed my hair and then I add honey and olive oil and sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes then I washed my hair again and put conditioner on it....... Well today my curls are going crazy lol. Like they are real tight today especially in the back. So I am guessing my hair truly appreciated the little experiment I did yesterday.

So hopefully I can continue using the products I already have with my hair but I am always asking folks who have some beautiful curls what products they use...... I think I need to find some one who has the same hair type as me and then use some of the products they use to see if my hair likes it or not. But I know for one thing I am going to do this deep condition technique again!

Oh I am taking any suggestions as well!!!!

July 02, 2009

A F.A.T. Girl is tired of shopping at Lane Bryant.... I am bout to switch my style up!

That's right I'm F.A.T.- Fabulous and Thick! And I am frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love to go shopping and puting different outfits together. But with my size its been kind of difficult for me to do this especially living in a Midwest town where the biggest thing is Walmart. I am not knocking Walmart or anything because I have seen quite a few cute things for thick divas at Walmart. But the Walmart near me does not have any cute choices for me. So I have to go shopping online to find some cute clothes for myself...... But that gets so freaking expensive and I have to wait such a long time.

Ok I kind of went off on a tangent but anyways back to my real frustration. I went to Lane Bryant the other day because I needed a some new jeans. And I decided to splurge a little on myself while I was there. So this is how I shop: I walk into the store walk around a little and look at everything. If something stands out I grab and it and try it on. Well yesterday was truly interesting. I went into LB and was walking around and everything in there was not my style at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was all clothes that would make me look way older than what I am. I mean dang I already look older because of my weight so I am not trying to put on clothes that would add more years to me. There were 2 things (yes only 2) that I would actually buy. That is just sad!!!!!!!!!!! I am not going to say that I am giving up on LB but I have decided to take a step back from it. Not only is it expensive but it really doesn't have a variety of choices for a 20 something DIVA like myself.

I have started "researching" different stores, boutiques, and things that are geared to Thick ladies like myself and I am so happy that I did. I realized there are other choices for myself other than Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Torrid. I am about to go on an online shopping spree when I get paid. Now that I know my body shape, I can start buying different clothes that will look FABULOUS on my body!!!!!!

Sidenote: So last night I sent my exboyfriend a text apologizing for any hurt I caused him while we were together. I have no idea why I did this but I kind of wish that I didn't. Don't you hate that?! When you do something and then later you wish you hadn't. Well anyways he sent me a text back today and said something (I choose not to read it lol) But I sent another one back telling him that he doesn't have to worry about hearing from me again and I wished him and his girl well. Ugh, I just wish I could just delete his number from my mind. I just don't understand why I am always lingering onto the past knowing that I am so much better than that. I truly think God is testing me on my contentment of being single and right now I am failing horribly!!!!!!!! I really need to take the time out and break all the soul ties that have in my life because they are not helping me to love Jesus w/all of my heart. They are just really holding me back........ I am praying about all of this and I know God will allow me to have a breakthrough in this situation.