February 26, 2009

I am a Superwoman! But I still need some sleep

The day in the Life of a RHDiva

I am so sorry to all my blog followers (Jessica!) that I have not been keeping you updated on my life so far lol. I have been crazy busy nowadays. Right now I am like almost falling asleep in my office :o). Gosh this week has basically flown by and I am so not ready for next week but hey it won't be as busy as this week.

Well on Tuesday we did CA hiring and it was so freaking stressful for me!!!! I was tearing up in the meeting cause I didn't know who to hire and who not to hire. Then at the end of the day I had to tell one of my Ca's that she wasn't being hired for the next school year. Do you know how stressful that was?! We were both crying in my apartment. I told her that there is a possibility that she will get hired before the school year, but man that was so hard for me to do. I think that is the hardest thing about being a Hall Director is hiring because there are alot of great candidates but you cannot hire everybody.

Lets see, how is school going?! Well it is going for sure..... I need to get started on writing some of my papers so I don't have to worry about them further on down the road. Gosh I am so over school right now but I have to finish this semester strong and continue on to next year....... But hey I am having a great time w/all the friends I have met and it is truly a stepping stone for myself.

Gosh, spring break is just around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what I will be doing?! I will be writing not one, not two, but 3 papers lol!!!! Good times I know! I wanted to visit OSU for spring break but that is their finals week and I didn't want to be a bother to anyone. But I think since I do get out of school in May I was thinking about going to visit then. Gosh I miss my Osu folks so freaking bad!!!!!!


I am reading this book called A WOMAN AFTER GOD'S OWN HEART and I highly advise everyone to read it. It is such a great book and has allowed me to see that I need to build my relationship with God much much much stronger. There is a chapter that talks about how we should be commited to prayer for us to grow in our faith, this is the area that I slack off in is my 1-1 time with the Lord. So for everyone's inspiration I am gonna leave the verse that is the start of this chapter:

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills- from whence comes my help? My help comes from the Lord." Psalm 121:1-2

So when you are feeling down and out just look up and take a moment to ask for the Lord's help and I promise you won't feel nervous, worried, anxious, sad, you will feel a calmness take over you.

February 17, 2009

My TWA (teeny weeny afro)!!!!!! Its me all naturally!!!!

Talk Show

So I just got my hair shaped up and I love it!!!!!!!!! Its really no way I can turn back now! I am all natural baby and loving it. Gosh I left the shop all smiles!!!!!!! Couple of my friends seen it and they said they like it (i don't know if they are lying or not but i don't care cause I love it!) Well here begins my natural journey!!! Oh but the crazy part is that I haven't told my family that I cut all of my hair off lol. Gosh I feel like I am having a mid life crisis lol but im not! I am ready to develop the whole new me!!!!!!! Just I have to stick to my healthy living. Let me know how you like the picture.

February 12, 2009

Seek Forgiveness

The Day in the life of THE Rhdiva

So I am finally done with all of these phone interviews for a summer internship....... And you should all know that I can't stand interviews (they make me so nervous). During this whole process I realized I am a person who worries way to much. Did you all know worrying is a sin because you are basically telling God you don't trust Him..... Isn't that deep (I know, I can be deep sometimes). Anyways, I have decided where I will be working this summer............... Illinois State University!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am super excited. The lady who will be my supervisor sounds like she is amazing. We just clicked when we were on the phone together. I am super excited. So for the summer instead of being 12hrs away from home I will only be 7 lol. It really doesn't matter because the dates with this internship is perfect to where I can come home before I go back to UCM. I am so excited from all of these experiences that I am having the chance to do.


So this video that I have on here is so POWERFUL!!!!! Everytime I watch it I start crying. It just makes me stop and think that the Devil is always trying to destroy and keep a sista down, especially when I am trying to get to know God through Jesus! But this video truly shows how much we are loved! If you have time please watch the full video!!!!!!!!!!!!! I promise you won't regret it.

February 10, 2009

The Big Chop

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So I am doing the Big Chop this morning!!!!! Craziness I know! Well I hope I dont look like a boy................ I might put pictures up later..... pray for me that I w0nt start breaking down in the shop.

February 02, 2009

Things truly happen for a reason

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My grandmother died this morning.... I am in like shock right now because I seen her the day before I left to come back to Missouri. Mind you I really didn't see this grandmother alot but God made sure I seen her before I left because He knew she would be coming home to Him. Wow, I know I developed this saying as my new motto but I am truly believing that everything that we go through is set up by God so he can prepare us for our future. We may be going through something in our life and may not understand why this is happening to us, but just remember everything happens for a reason and whatever we are going through is making us stronger and wiser. I believe as long as we have Jesus on our side we should not worry at all. If you are worrying about something in your life right now, just step out on faith, I promise in the long run you will be grateful that you did. Gosh I am so going off of my topic, but I know the Lord is directing what I am typing right now so no worries :o).

I called my father this morning and gosh he is such a strong man. He just told me that he can't wait till I get home cause he would be so much better with me being there. Do you know what that does to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying right now! It is truly a hassle being 12hrs away from home right now but God knew I need to be this distance to see how strong my family bonds are. He is truly making a stronger woman every second................ Gosh I am so going in a tangent...... I just want to thank everyone who kept my grandmother and my family in their prayers. No worries anymore she is in a way better place right now!!!!!!

February 01, 2009

A new me for the week...... hopefully

So I decided to set goals for each week for me to reach. I hope I can keep to them :o)

Getting into the Freakum Dress
  • eat more fruits and veggies
  • start taking vitamins
  • drinking 32oz a day
  • exercise 3x this week
  • no fast food
  • no junk food
  • eat less bread

The day and the life of a RHDiva

  • clean off my desk
  • clean my apartment
  • do laundry
  • stop being lazy
  • clean office
  • be on top of my things
  • keep to my to do list
  • take my car to the shop
  • dont let things stress me out
  • go shopping for some new earrings and scarves
  • save money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • movie nite w/staff
  • change out my printer
  • get my nails done!!!
  • start my papers asap

Just a little sidenote........ I want to cut my hair off so freaking bad! I can't wait till I start my natural hair growth. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I am trying to let my sides grow a little bit so I wont have a fade when I chop everything off but I am just ready to see the beauty of my natural locks!!!!!!!!!! This is about to be such a dramatic change for me, its so exciting!!!!!!!!!! So I decided not to tell my family that I am about to chop all of my hair off because I know they would flip out, I am gonna just wait till I go home this summer for them to see. Hopefully by that time my hair would have some length on it. Well that is all the excitement in my life (thats so sad lol)