October 23, 2010

Train like a Marine eat like a Model

My 200th post!!!!!

Wow!  That is exciting!

Well this is my daily motivation for today.  My friend was motivating me after my emotional breakdown and he said something to me that just all made since, and it was kind of cute.  He told me "HerBrina, you train like a marine, now its time for you to eat like a model."  I thought that was the best advice he has ever given me.

With this quote it gave me an idea to write down mini motivational sayings and even people's stories and post them around my house.  So when I am feeling weary I can just read one of them and get recharged!

SN:  I will be finishing my first week of my running program tomorrow!!!!! I downloaded some new music to keep me from being bored when I am on the treadmill, yay!

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