October 29, 2010

So What?!

I am beyond tired right now!!!!!!!

The past couple of days I was in Louisville, Kentucky for a Yearbook Convention.  I don't think I told you all that I am the advisor for the yearbook at Hope College (Milestone).  Well anyways, we went to a convention to learn some cool and neat things to help us better our design/production/teamwork of the organization.  I never been to Louisville before but its a cool and happening place, I might have to go back for a personal visit sometime soon.  While I was in Louisville, I bought a "water bottle" but this is not any ordinary water bottle.  It looks like a regular cup that you get from a fast food place (you know cup, lid, straw) but its made out of plastic.  Oh my goodness its my most fav thing ever!!!!!!  The reason why I love it so much is the straw.  I really think I am addicted to straws, they just make my water intake easier to handle (I mean since I have to drink half of my weight in ounces).

Halloween........  Oh how I can't wait until its over!!!!! LOL, I am in charge of Safe Halloween for campus (which is tomorrow).  Safe Halloween is a program that Hope puts on for the children of the Holland community.  Its an hour long event where the kids can go to each hall to trick-or-treat.  So being my first year here, I do not know what to expect and hopefully I have all my details in place to where everything runs smoothly.  I mean I bought $937 worth of candy for the kids....... Lord please let this be a success, Amen!

So I am getting excited for my November Challenge, the 30 day Shred!!!!!  Not only will I do the dvd workout for the whole month but I will blog about it each day.  So if you know me, you know its a struggle for me to follow through on things but I am so up for this challenge!  I am trying to get some of my coworkers to jump on my Nov Challenge so we shall see what happens.  But if you think about it, by the time I go home for Turkey Day I probably will look like a new woman!  So that is my motivation for my up incoming challenge.  I think you should join me!!!!

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