October 21, 2010


Moment of truth: 

So I have a weight problem.  I have been a yo-yoer my whole life and its really frustrating.  This past year I have been at my heaviest at 253lbs.  This past summer I was down 50lbs and was feeling good about myself.  

Since I moved I have been struggling with my weight loss and have gained almost 20lbs.  I am just FRUSTRATED and really in need of some support.  

One thing that I am struggling with is losing the weight for me and not comparing myself to others.  We live in the world where "fat" is ugly and being a plus size woman it hurts to see that.

I am just really disappointed in myself......  Sorry just having a moment....


  1. I too get so frustrated and it's because we really care about what we want to achieve but it is so hard but I guess it's something we have to overcome to achieve our target goal.

    I love the idea of mini rewards you've decided to give yourself when you get to each target. I might steal that idea for myself. Although I won't steal your actual rewards. As a man, I don't think I would look good in a sexy black dress! haha

    Good luck!



  2. It's ok to vent your fustrations every now and again, its what you learn from them...you will suceed if you believe. Don't doubt yourself, you know you can do it and you have plenty of people who are supporting you and are encouraging you every step of the way...