October 18, 2010

My goals/rewards for myself

So I have decided to break down my weight loss in many goals because I have ALOT to lose.  Every 5 lbs I will reward myself.  So based off of my weight now ( I am 216 and I want to get to 130) I need to lose 86 pounds.  Here is the breakdown for my goals w/my rewards:

5- buy a fly gym bag
10-new earrings
15- Get a Mani
20-buy some new workout clothes
25- buy a new pair of jeans
30- Get a Pedi
40-30 minute Massage
45- Visit UCM
50-Make over
55-ride the ferry across Lake MI
60-Ugg boots
65-Sexy black dress
70-Hour long massage
75-All day spa experience
80- Kindle
85-Shopping Spree
Goal- Photo Shoot!


  1. You have my full support I know you will hit and exceed these goals...vist Columbus should be on these goals somewhere...lol

  2. It was on the goal list but I wanted to visit on my own time and not just wait until I lose a certain amount