October 03, 2010

This weeks motivation

I have joined Miss Haneefa's 15 in 15 challenge- lose 15lbs in 15 weeks.  This is my motivation to get back to my weight loss journey.  The first week was this past Friday and I am down 2.2lbs (yay me lol).  So with this challenge she posts mini challenges for us to participate in.  So this is this week's mini challenge:

This week's Bonus Challenge: Sunday night, prepare what workouts you will do this week.  Try to be active at least 3 times for an hour, if you can combine cardio and strengh training. If you have a blog post what you will do.

Sunday- 30 minute treadmill
Monday- 60 minute PT
Tuesday- 30 minute treadmill
Wednesday- 30 minute treadmill (Weigh in day)
Thursday- 60 minute aerobics class
Friday- 60 minute aerobics class
Saturday 60 minute aerobics class

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