October 22, 2010

Making My Steps Firm

After my emotional breakdown yesterday, I had to find encouragement from my Father (heavenly Father that is) and this is what He gave me:

"If the LORD delights in a woman's way, He makes her steps firm; though she stumble, she will not fall, for the LORD upholds her with his hand." Psalm 37:23-24

On my weight loss journey I know I will have days where I just want to throw the towel in and just quit.  I will also have days where I am feeling great and looking good.  Throughout my journey I will feel discouraged but I need to remember that I have a great support system in my family, friends, and God.  No matter how I stumble, He is right there holding my hand, dusting me off, giving me strength to keep going.  So I will not give up no matter how many times I stumble.  I know my God wants me to be healthy and fit, so why quit or give up when the prize at the end is so glorious (lol)

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