October 20, 2010

Finding my love of exercise again

Day 2 of my running program= completed!!!!

I feel great about being consistent with my workouts.  Though this week my monthly friend is here visiting me.  With my monthly friend comes cramps and my boobies are super sensitive.  They hurt when I run!!!!! Sometimes being a girl sucks, ugh!

I am trying to get my eating under control because that is what is really holding me back from my full potential.  For extra accountability my trainer is weighing and measuring me every week and lets say the numbers are going the wrong way.  She didn't yell at me or anything but I can tell by her look that she was very disappointed.  She was like you are working out HARD but you can't tell because you go back and eat bad.   Ugh! I felt horrible about that, because I am working hard, especially with her but you can't tell by my numbers.

Why do I love food so much?!  Ugh!!!!!  One of my challenges is living and working on campus.  With my job, they provide food for me, so instead of cooking for myself I go to the Dining Center (so I won't waste money).  The dining center is basically all you can eat and they have healthy choices but you have to have a mindset to pick the healthy meals.  To overcome this challenge, every week I am providing my trainer with the menus of the Dining Centers and she is highlighting the best choices for me to eat.

I just really want to get FAR FAR FAR AWAY from the 200s and I know I have to be committed about my changes.

SN: I love this song!  I rock out to it in my car everyday!

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  1. Hang in there! It's easy to beat ourselves up too! Last week I just chose a few little things to do and it helped me not feel like such a loser for not being able to stick with things. Have a read at http://transformationaldiaries.com/blog/archives/1086 if you want to see what worked for me.

    You're still doing great even exercising ..... look for the positives! Have a good week. Just followed you too, so bring it on I say!