July 06, 2009

Deep condition w/Honey and olive oil

So I was trying to find a method that I could deep condition my hair with using the products I already have. If you are not aware I am a product junkie!!!!!!! I believe the reason why I am a product Junkie is because I want to find a product that makes my curls POP....

Any who, yesterday I decided to deep condition with honey and olive oil. First I shampooed my hair and then I add honey and olive oil and sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes then I washed my hair again and put conditioner on it....... Well today my curls are going crazy lol. Like they are real tight today especially in the back. So I am guessing my hair truly appreciated the little experiment I did yesterday.

So hopefully I can continue using the products I already have with my hair but I am always asking folks who have some beautiful curls what products they use...... I think I need to find some one who has the same hair type as me and then use some of the products they use to see if my hair likes it or not. But I know for one thing I am going to do this deep condition technique again!

Oh I am taking any suggestions as well!!!!

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