July 02, 2009

A F.A.T. Girl is tired of shopping at Lane Bryant.... I am bout to switch my style up!

That's right I'm F.A.T.- Fabulous and Thick! And I am frustrated!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely love to go shopping and puting different outfits together. But with my size its been kind of difficult for me to do this especially living in a Midwest town where the biggest thing is Walmart. I am not knocking Walmart or anything because I have seen quite a few cute things for thick divas at Walmart. But the Walmart near me does not have any cute choices for me. So I have to go shopping online to find some cute clothes for myself...... But that gets so freaking expensive and I have to wait such a long time.

Ok I kind of went off on a tangent but anyways back to my real frustration. I went to Lane Bryant the other day because I needed a some new jeans. And I decided to splurge a little on myself while I was there. So this is how I shop: I walk into the store walk around a little and look at everything. If something stands out I grab and it and try it on. Well yesterday was truly interesting. I went into LB and was walking around and everything in there was not my style at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was all clothes that would make me look way older than what I am. I mean dang I already look older because of my weight so I am not trying to put on clothes that would add more years to me. There were 2 things (yes only 2) that I would actually buy. That is just sad!!!!!!!!!!! I am not going to say that I am giving up on LB but I have decided to take a step back from it. Not only is it expensive but it really doesn't have a variety of choices for a 20 something DIVA like myself.

I have started "researching" different stores, boutiques, and things that are geared to Thick ladies like myself and I am so happy that I did. I realized there are other choices for myself other than Old Navy, Lane Bryant, and Torrid. I am about to go on an online shopping spree when I get paid. Now that I know my body shape, I can start buying different clothes that will look FABULOUS on my body!!!!!!

Sidenote: So last night I sent my exboyfriend a text apologizing for any hurt I caused him while we were together. I have no idea why I did this but I kind of wish that I didn't. Don't you hate that?! When you do something and then later you wish you hadn't. Well anyways he sent me a text back today and said something (I choose not to read it lol) But I sent another one back telling him that he doesn't have to worry about hearing from me again and I wished him and his girl well. Ugh, I just wish I could just delete his number from my mind. I just don't understand why I am always lingering onto the past knowing that I am so much better than that. I truly think God is testing me on my contentment of being single and right now I am failing horribly!!!!!!!! I really need to take the time out and break all the soul ties that have in my life because they are not helping me to love Jesus w/all of my heart. They are just really holding me back........ I am praying about all of this and I know God will allow me to have a breakthrough in this situation.


  1. OH GOSH!! Me and Lane Bryant are nt cool anymore! I feel your pain. The only thing I get from LB is jeans. That's it. Try Old Navy ONLINE - their plus selectio is quite nice and true to size.

  2. Yea I have found some wonderful clothing websites for thickalicioius divas that I will for sure post on my blog. I also shop at Old Navy :o)