November 04, 2010

Day 4 of 30 day Shred

My body is killing me!!!!!  But day 4 is completed.

I weighed in today...... Gained 1.6 :'(  But I know next week I will have a lost because all of my hard work.  Next week Im gonna try not to eat so much carbs (I know I keep telling myself this but bread taste so good!!!!!)

This weekend I am out of town again on business.  I will be at Kenyon in Gambier, Ohio for a Student of Color Conference, I am taking some students and I am quite excited about the trip.  The conference is about Social Justice which should be interesting and I am excited to meet other professionals that belong to the GLCA (Great Lakes College Association).  The students personally asked me to be their advisor for the trip.... that was a warm fuzzy for you me :o)

While I am away I am planning to keep doing the 30 day shred, so I will keep you all posted.  We leave tomorrow morning and guess what I have to drive a 12 passenger fan (pray for us lol).

My motivation for the day/week/challenge:

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