November 09, 2010

Day 9 of 30

Day 9= completed

So my friend gave me a great idea to switch up the Shred workout, though I do not know if I am ready for it lol.  She was saying I should do 10 days of  each level..... Over the weekend I watch the other levels and man they are intense....  If I do these 10 day each thing, that means tomorrow is my last day for level one..... I am going to pray about this but I think I can do it and it would be a great push for me.

Tomorrow is my weigh/measurement day with my trainer (so the moment of truth).  This will allow me to see if I have any results from the Jillian Michaels workout since I have been doing it for over a week now.  Like I said yesterday, I feel like I am smaller.....  But its my eating habits that is killing me!!!!!!!  I feel like I need to join/ make up a challenge about what I am eating.  I am thinking about not eating after 7pm for real.  That might really just help me with everything.


This is so true!!!!!  I think I may post this on my fridge and even carry this quote around w/me, so I will think about it when I am eating my food.

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  1. Don't cut out late night snacking, just make healthier choices!