February 02, 2009

Things truly happen for a reason

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My grandmother died this morning.... I am in like shock right now because I seen her the day before I left to come back to Missouri. Mind you I really didn't see this grandmother alot but God made sure I seen her before I left because He knew she would be coming home to Him. Wow, I know I developed this saying as my new motto but I am truly believing that everything that we go through is set up by God so he can prepare us for our future. We may be going through something in our life and may not understand why this is happening to us, but just remember everything happens for a reason and whatever we are going through is making us stronger and wiser. I believe as long as we have Jesus on our side we should not worry at all. If you are worrying about something in your life right now, just step out on faith, I promise in the long run you will be grateful that you did. Gosh I am so going off of my topic, but I know the Lord is directing what I am typing right now so no worries :o).

I called my father this morning and gosh he is such a strong man. He just told me that he can't wait till I get home cause he would be so much better with me being there. Do you know what that does to me!!!!!!!!!!!! I am crying right now! It is truly a hassle being 12hrs away from home right now but God knew I need to be this distance to see how strong my family bonds are. He is truly making a stronger woman every second................ Gosh I am so going in a tangent...... I just want to thank everyone who kept my grandmother and my family in their prayers. No worries anymore she is in a way better place right now!!!!!!


  1. LOVE YOU!! Call me if you need me

  2. LOVE YOU HERBIE!!!! Be on the lookout for my phone call, I'm definitely praying for you and your family.

    And I love this post. It is full of truth.