February 01, 2009

A new me for the week...... hopefully

So I decided to set goals for each week for me to reach. I hope I can keep to them :o)

Getting into the Freakum Dress
  • eat more fruits and veggies
  • start taking vitamins
  • drinking 32oz a day
  • exercise 3x this week
  • no fast food
  • no junk food
  • eat less bread

The day and the life of a RHDiva

  • clean off my desk
  • clean my apartment
  • do laundry
  • stop being lazy
  • clean office
  • be on top of my things
  • keep to my to do list
  • take my car to the shop
  • dont let things stress me out
  • go shopping for some new earrings and scarves
  • save money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • movie nite w/staff
  • change out my printer
  • get my nails done!!!
  • start my papers asap

Just a little sidenote........ I want to cut my hair off so freaking bad! I can't wait till I start my natural hair growth. I am nervous but excited at the same time. I am trying to let my sides grow a little bit so I wont have a fade when I chop everything off but I am just ready to see the beauty of my natural locks!!!!!!!!!! This is about to be such a dramatic change for me, its so exciting!!!!!!!!!! So I decided not to tell my family that I am about to chop all of my hair off because I know they would flip out, I am gonna just wait till I go home this summer for them to see. Hopefully by that time my hair would have some length on it. Well that is all the excitement in my life (thats so sad lol)

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