February 10, 2009

The Big Chop

Talk Show

So I am doing the Big Chop this morning!!!!! Craziness I know! Well I hope I dont look like a boy................ I might put pictures up later..... pray for me that I w0nt start breaking down in the shop.


  1. I waaannnnnaaa seeeeee it!!!! At least email me a picture (jeloyd31@gmail.com) because I can't get it from my phone!

    I bet you look BEEEAAUTIFUL :) I wanna see!

  2. lol I will send you pictures when I get it fixed up by a barber cause right now......... its alright lol. I dont have hair any more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks girl..... But you haven't seen the hair part yet lol only the scarf.