July 11, 2010

End of the Road

So today is my last day in Cleveland before I start the new chapter in my life!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I am so nervous/excited about this move. First I want to say Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunity to get a job at a place that I know I will have growth in my professional and personal life. Like I am really blessed to have a job right after graduation because I know it is hard out here in the world. I really think that I will love my experience at Hope and Holland I'm just nervous about the unknown lol. Like will I make friends? Will they love me as a RLC? What will happen next in my life?! Oh all the unanswered questions!!!!! I think this part in my life is where I really learn how to lean not on my own understanding. Everyone I talk to keeps telling me that they see a lot of things happening in my life with this move and I say Amen to that!!!! Though I am on edge with my nerves I am still going to speak everything into existence because I know my God is an Awesome God and He would not do anything in my life that will harm me. He is only preparing me every day in every situation to be a better woman and witness for Him. Wow, just saying that really allowed me to relax!!!! Well Cleveland this may not be the "End of the road" for us but its a nice break before I see you again :o) I am off to explore my new home and take on new adventures. I will take pictures of my new apt and post it up!!!!

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