June 09, 2009

My Bucket List!!!!!!

Here are some things I wanna do in my lifetime:

  • go sky diving
  • live on the west coast (either Seattle or San Fran)
  • white water rafting
  • visit every state
  • live in London, England (for 3months- year)
  • live in Mexico(to learn Spanish lol)
  • get my PhD (not right away)
  • become a mini van mom (I am really excited about this but only if God is willing)
  • run a mile (right now run is not in my vocab)
  • get my masters in:


-Teaching (math maybe)

-College Student Personnel Administration (coming in May 2010)

  • work at an HBCU
  • work in Orientation(or work with)
  • design a program that will solve the problem of the revolving door for all minorities in college
  • become director of Multicultural Affairs at a university (still deciding about my career path)
  • teach a college class (might be doing this, this fall)
  • become a fitness instructor (either step or zumba)
  • start a scholarship for phenomenal women @ Maple Heights High School
  • become a cheerleader coach
  • visit:

-Madrid, Spain



-Kenya(use my Kiswahili)

-just basically travel the world

  • teach an algebra class
  • take up ballroom dancing
  • go on the Disney cruise
  • go camping(need to find some friends for this one because I am too much of a chicken to go by myself)
  • go backpacking
  • take a self defense class
  • take 5 cycling classes (I am scared its going to hurt my booty)
  • touch or inspire one person

1 comment:

  1. HerBrina! Have you never been camping?! It's so fun. We should take an overnight trip in the summer/fall when it's still nice or something and round up some fellow CSPAers.