June 25, 2009

Don't Even Know lol

So I wanted to write a new blog but I didn't know what to name it lol. Anyways, I wanted to share with you all some things that people have told me these past couple of weeks that I thought was interesting..................

So I have been/WAS talking to this guy for a minute kind of.... It was to the point where he told me I was wifey material (ladies just because he say this doesn't mean anything at all because I have had PLENTY of boys tell me I was wifey but I am still single because NONE of them was husband material through my eyes and God's).

Ok back to the story: So I told ole boy that I cut all of my hair off and have been natural for about 4 months. He said he was curious to see how I look now, so I sent him a picture (this is where everything went down hill lol). So asked him to be honest about what he thought about my picture. He said it was "different and it is something to get use to" Ok cool I understand that but he kept going!!!!! He gonna tel me "Don't worry your hair will grow back" EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! I am not worried whether or not my hair is going to grow back, I mean it will be nice for my hair to grow back but right now I am embracing my natural beauty, the beauty that God has blessed me with! If I am suppose to be wifey shouldn't you appreciate me outside and in no matter what?!

I just don't understand why society is so on the way people look. We are so quick to judge one another based on our looks then anything else. I mean the most "fly" person in the world can have a horrible attitude/personality but you rather be with that person because they have sex appeal?! All I have to say is "Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised." (Proverbs 31:30)

Ok so the other day I met this girl who seemed really cool and everything. She came by the halls to say goodbye to all of her friends before she left for Turkey to go teach. I was interested in her teaching job that she got in Turkey (cause you know I am trying to move abroad and work some day). She was saying how good this job was how they were paying for her flight and if she didn't like it they would fly her back to the US for free and all this other stuff. I was thinking wow this is the job! So I asked her how did she find out about this amazing opportunity. Why in the world this girl told me that she found it on CRAIG'S LIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man when she told me that I just pray that I didn't have a look on my face because in my mind I was thinking that she was crazy!!!!!! Why in the world would you fly across the world to a job that you don't know that much about that you found on freaking Craig's list. Well I'm going to pray for her because who knows what she has gotten herself into.

Now this is my last crazy/random story that I have for you all. So as all of you know I am natural and loving every minute of it. Right now my hair is so short that I cannot do any styles to it but a TWA. So sometimes I get bored with my hair. So I have been looking for products that will enhance my natural curls so they can POP! Well yesterday I went to bible study and met this girl who was natural as well and her curls were POPPING!!!! So I asked her what products could I use to enhance my curls (and this girl does hair so I was thinking she would know what she is talking about). Why did she tell me to put a perm in my head for a little bit and to loosen up my curls?! I AM NOT PUTTING ANY PERMS IN MY HEAD! If I wanted to do all of that, why did I cut my hair. She gave me another product to use but I highly doubt I'm gonna use that. Goodness I am turning away from chemicals, not welcoming them back into my beautiful hair. So I guess I will continue to rock my TWA until further notice lol


  1. All of these stories were HILARIOUS; and I do not know if they were meant to be funny but I couldn't help but laugh! People have no clue sometimes. The response from that guy was not suprising; we are still trying to educate our black women on their natural beauty so of course it will take our men some time to understand; but then again you have some that understand and love it just as much as we do. The girl that's going to Turkey she is NUTS;the girl that suggested you to slightly perm your hair is past NUTS; who does that?

  2. Lol they were meant to be funny! I wanted to laugh at all these situations when they happened to me.