January 01, 2009

I deactivated my facebook account!!!!

Oh my goodness I have been off of facebook for 24hrs and I am freaking out. I know that facebook isn't a big thing or anything but I had an addiction to it. I use to be on it all the time!!!! When I was bored in class I use to get on it on my phone. I use to read all of my friends statuses look through all the pictures. Gosh I knew almost everything that people would put on their facebook profile. Isn't that sad?! Well I know that I wanted to make a major change in my life and I knew the first thing that had to change was facebook. Facebook is a great way to keep in contact with high school, college, childhood, random friends but it was bad for me because I use to sit there and compare my life to others. I do not know why I would do this but I guess we always want the things that we do not have. Also another reason why I had to get off of facebook because I was not being productive in my life at all. I use to sit on the computer for hours just going through pictures, statuses, profiles being NOSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But you know what I had enough of looking into other peoples lives. I am ready to make a positive change in my life and not worry about Suzie, Billy Bob and Frank lol. Though it has only been 24 hrs I have been wanting to get on it just to see who wrote on my wall, who is online...... NO I have to stop this because now I will have more time to do things that facebook has kept me away from lol. I am determine to exercise more, read more, just enjoy life more. I am making myself promise today that I will not come up with any excuses that will cause me to be a lazy bum in life. I am about to be a new and improved WOMAN! Watch out now!


  1. Ah, I understand all too well! I do/did the same thing, so I know how hard that must be :) Just think, when you're looking back on 2009 you'll laugh at the thought of wasting your time facebook stalking! I am excited for you all the big things you're going to be doing with alllll that extra time, girl!

    We miss you on facebook, but I have to admit that I really admire what you did. Facebook is REALLY hard to give up. Ridiculous, I know and when I'm 42 I'll probably laugh at how I couldn't give it up.