January 02, 2009

New Format for my blog.... I think you all will like it

So I have decided to change the format of my blog, actually I was inspired by a dear friend to change the format of my blog. I believe with this different format my readers/friends/family/fans (oh how I wish I had fans lol) will get a better inside look of my life since you all can no longer keep in touch with me thru facebook or myspace any more. So this is how the layout will look (please give me feed back):

I have decided to break my blog up into 5 sections: Getting into the Freakum Dress, The Day and the Life of a RHDiva, The Sassy book club, Talk Show, and Inspiration.

Getting into the Freakum Dress
  • This section will be about my journey of weight loss and exercise. I will talk about the ups and downs of a Thickalicious woman trying to become healthier. This section is really suppose to be a motivation for me to continue on my goals of trying to lose weight and get into the lovely shape that I need to be in.

The Day in the life a RHDiva

  • This section will be about the things that are going on with my work and my school life. This right here will probably keep me sane because this is the true stress of my life lol but I love it soooooooooooooo much........

The Sassy Book Club

  • This is where I let you know all about the books I am reading. Also about books that I want to read.

Talk Show

  • This is where all the drama goes down at....... I will talk about different things that has been bothering me or just my opinion about different subjects.


  • You know I always have to end on a good note so this section right here will have quotes, feel me goods, and encouraging history.

So this will be my layout of my blog and I am kind of excited about it. I hope you will enjoy my blogs even more now. Also to let you know I have decided to keep the colors for each section so they will stand out.

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