January 12, 2009


Getting into the Freakum Dress

So I lost 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!! Yay me!!! I just need to keep up this exercise thing up. I feel great and I have so much energy now. But yet again food is my down fall. I need to get my mind right and just start using the word no!

The Day in the Life of an RHDiva

So my residents moved in yesterday............ but my mind is still on break lol. I feel like I am losing it. I need to get my life together for real. I feel as though I am not ready for this semester but it has already started so I need to get my act together. Back to me having no life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol All this paperwork, residents, interviews, hiring folks. Pray for me please!

Talk Show

So I started liking this boy I use to go to high school with, he is younger than me. Back in the day he use to have a crush on me and since then we have kept in touch with eachother. I just don't know how I feel about this at all. I think I fell into like way to quickly and I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up high at all but I haven't had male attention in such a freaking long time. Shoot a woman gets lonely sometimes lol. In my book I have been single for 4 years (I had some commercial breaks in those 4yrs but I really don't count them because they were not good/healthy for me). Well anyways, before I left to come back to Missouri this guy took me to the movies (he really didn't "take" me to the movies, he drove but we paid for our own tickets, so we went together to the movies). I was quite nervous to see me because of the way I looked (i know sad, but the last time he seen me I was quite a looker lol). Well we went to the movie and I don't know how it went, I guess it went alright cause he decided to keep talking to me afterwards lol. We have been keeping eachother entertain for this past week but he just recently went back to school and I feel as though now our conversations will end now......... Which I kind of have a feeling about. So I'm thinking, should I fall for this guy, or should I just forget about him? I just feel like opening up my heart for something that might not work. I am the kind of person that truly reads too much into things and I get excited over small little things. So i think I am reading too much into the things he tells me.................. Like I think I am so ready to have a boo-ski that I may cling on to the first male who shows me attention lol (not really). So what should I do if I sense that this guy is gonna stop talking to me? Should I keep trying to stay in contact with him or should I let him decided it? I am known for deleting boys numbers out of my phone after a while, so i am trying not to do to this one. I don't know I am really feeling him but I don't know if he is feeling me or not.................... This thing called love is a very difficult game to play


  1. Yay for losing 4 pounds. You have motivated me to go to the gym tonight! :)

  2. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!! This quarter has been crazy. I cannot wait to graduate lol. I know I'm late, but tell me all about this guy when you get the chance. Are you two still talking? It sounds like he likes you...

  3. Aw Sam!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you too!!!! I know you are going through some bittersweet moments right now in your life. I am excited for you to graduate. Anywho, about this boy............ I think I was just getting my hopes too high. I dont think he is ready for a grown woman in his life. I think he already has a fan club and is loving that too much for him to move to me. Cause when you are with me, I need, want, and should be your one and only (not your number one because that only means that you are still playing the game, so you need to retire when you are with me). Well I hope you get to see this comment.... Aw I'm want/need to visit you all again I just dont know when I should come. Love you girl!