December 28, 2008

I'm Wifey Material but why am I still single?!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo the other day my friend and I were talking about how guys always have that one WOMAN, not girl because women are on a whole different level and than a girl who they know that is just that one who is perfect for them. Guys always spitting "game" saying that they are perfect that this woman makes them into the better man, yada yada yada (if you are wifey material you know what I am talking about). We hear the same game over and over again but when it gets down to it these same guys run off with our hearts not wanting to commit to us. I just don't understand why you are shopping at the dollar store when you can buy anything from rodeo drive (lol ya'll like that?!)

I have had so many different experiences with different guys where they have told me that I am the one because I am smart, pretty, and have my mind right. While they were spitting this mad game at me (and me being a fool who wants to fall in love believed every single word of it) they was out messing with other females who couldn't even compete with me in Uno (lol). I know I may sound a little conceited, trust I'm not, I just been so hurt and tired of all these guys out in the world saying that they are tired of these "Hoes" in the world who break their hearts and sleep around with their whole crew....... If you are so tired of all of this, then why do you keep going back to them when there are WOMEN out there who have their lives together. Now I would understand if I didn't have anything to offer someone in a relationship but I feel like my life is somewhat together lol. I'm a grad student, have a wonderful job, not that crazy lol, decent to look at (i think i am pretty......), THICKALICOUS, and o so ready to not to be single anymore but why am I single when everyone considers I am wifey material?!

I feel as though every guy I have talked to has always put me on the back burner once they find out that I am not gonna give it up that quickly. Why is that?! Is sex that overrated for people to miss out on a grand opportunity of meeting their soulmate? I mean I understand once you start having sex you will always have a temptation to keep doing it, but does this truly affect your relationship?! I'm not saying that I haven't had sex, but I am a new woman who has seen that sex is something sacred between two people who are deeply in love with eachother and have a stronger bond than just boyfriend and girlfriend. So just because I believe in this affects the way men approach me?! I think that is truly sad, I think if you truly want something then you will do anything to have it right?! So why not leave these girls alone and get with someone that will become your wife?

I might have to make a part 2 to this to go more in depth but this is just a little taste of what I wanted to get off of my chest.


  1. I think its kind of like how I said yesterday..

    1. for some its because they can disrespect any old broad.. but.. "wifey"? She's the one who get the so-called respect.. in actuallity.. its only hurting her..

    2. They don't know what they have until its not around.

    3. They know they can't do you right but they want to put a claim on you.. they know they aren't ready for it but will be feeding you game because they want you around.. one day

    4. they just some damn liars

  2. To add a male perspective, sometimes men think the same thing but from the prespective of "I'm Husband Material but why am I still single?!"...

    We live in an impaitent society today where there is pressure to do so many things fast including getting into relationships, marriage, etc. No one wants to wait any more because we are all impaitent...

    You are smart, pretty, and have your mind right, I hope and truly believe that the right GENTLEMAN will come to you at some point in your life and be able to make that commitment to be with you for the rest of your life...

    I also think you have given me a future Refreshing Thought topic which I may enlist your services for as a co-writer...

  3. you officially got rid of facebook before I could even read your final message! aw well. you know I'll be checking this blog periodically. make sure to keep me updated about everything! love.