August 08, 2010

Birthday Get it Right Get it Tight Challenge lol

So I have been slipping on my pimping for real!!!!  Last week was a disaster to the point that I didn't even go to my Weight Watcher Meeting!  Just horrible.  But you know what I'm not going to let it get to me.  I have a new mindset and plan for this up-incoming week/next 6 weeks.

I have come up with a challenge for myself.  "Birthday Get it Right, Get it Tight" challenge.  I am determined to be in the 180s by my birthday NO EXCUSES.  I want to rock a fly dress and heels for my bday even if I have to go to dinner all by myself lol.

I believe last week I slipped pretty bad because I was just bored with EVERYTHING!  My food, my exercises, just everything.  So for this challenge I'm going to switch things up for real!  Each week I'm going to add new music to my workout playlist (very important), change my exercise routines up, and try new recipes/foods.

Some of the things that I want to try during these next 6 weeks are:

  • no bread (or little of it)
  • more veggies and fruit (5 a day)
  • more weight lifting
  • start running outside....... ugh!
  • trying new workouts (looking them up on various websites/magazines)
  • no to little sugar
  • drink LOTS of water  a day
  • one week I want to try to be a vegetarian lol yea I can only give it a week
So what do you all think?!  Should I try other things?!

I have to GET IT IN these next 6 weeks.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I would shoot to do the fruits and vegatables 7 days a week.....