June 17, 2010

100 things about me for my 100th post :o)

  1. I am named after my dad- Herbert 
  2. I am afraid of tornados because when I was younger I use to watch Twister all the time
  3. I would do anything for my little sister (HerMaya)
  4. I love youtubing and blogging lol
  5. My mother gets on my nerves but I know I act just like her
  6. I cannot STAND driving
  7. I love it when people give me nicknames (it makes me feel accepted)
  8. I want to take parenting classes before I become a mother
  9. I get nervous everytime I talk or perform in front of people
  10. I have been natural for a 1 year and 4 months and I am just now starting to like my curl pattern
  11. I can't stand complete silence, I need some type of background noise
  12. Its hard for me to express my feelings/emotions to people
  13. I am always looking at the positive side of everything, though I wish I could see both sides of things
  14. I use to have a list of characteristics of what I wanted in a man, but I gave up on that and put it in the hands of God
  15. Sometimes its hard for me to say No
  16. I truly believe a smile can turn someone's day all the way around
  17. When people use the word "hate" it makes my skin crawl
  18. I love hard no matter the person (family, friend, coworker, staff,  associate, significant other)
  19. I am addicted to facebook
  20. I LOVE trying new foods and restaurants
  21. I can be very random sometimes
  22. I love having company and visitors
  23. I cannot STAND being alone
  24. I'm lazy
  25. I love typing: lol, :o), <3 and anything else that is happy
  26. When I was at school I only watched two channels TNT and USA
  27. I cry alot (sometimes lol)
  28. I always forget to return my library books
  29. My fav bath and body works scent was Pearberry and ever since they discontinued it I haven't found a scent I can stick with
  30. I love shopping but dislike trying things on
  31. STRONGLY disliked my first year at OSU
  32. It gets on my nerves whenever people treat me like the HerBrina from high school lol, its been 6years.....
  33. Loves HUGE earrings
  34. Believes accessories make the outfit
  35. Love watching new movies
  36. The best part of going to the movies is watching the previews and if I miss it, I get upset
  37. I have a mean side to me but I don't like others to see it, unless you are irritating me
  38. Sometimes regrets getting the tweetybird tattoo on my arm
  39. wants to live on the beach
  40. has a short attention span when it comes to watching sports
  41. compares herself to everybody
  42. Finds it easy to encourage others than herself
  43. can eat a full jar of peanut butter in one sitting
  44. does not like talking on the phone, rather talk face to face
  45. wants a wrap around porch when I get a home
  46. Is learning how to cook ( I love trying recipes)
  47. Can watch Food Network all day
  48. Wonders if she already met her future husband.... (or if she will ever get married)
  49. swallowed a balloon on accident when I was 10
  50. Found out that I was allergic to animal fur when I went horse back riding at a Girl Scout Camp
  51. Loves to volunteer
  52. Dislikes socks
  53. Love my snuggie
  54. Disliked her lips when she was younger
  55. I like the shape of my eyes
  56. I want to join a book club
  57. My goal is to wear nothing but heels all the time
  58. wants a black pug (though I don't like pets lol)
  59. Played Wii for the first time a couple of weeks ago
  60. Cannot stand Watermelon
  61. Doesn't remember watching the Cosby's growing up
  62. Practices conversations/situations in my head before they happen
  63. Anti-Twitter
  64. Is always day dreaming
  65. Wants to live in another country for a year or so
  66. I can read way into things
  67. I love personalized notes/messages
  68. I get excited when I have a notification (on facebook)
  69. Can and will hold a full conversation via text message
  70. I don't have a fav color
  71. I <3 naps
  72. Nervous about her first professional job
  73. I have a horrible memory
  74. My goal is to become a lifetime member at Weight Watchers
  75. Drinks nothing but water
  76. Likes to have dance parties
  77. Loves flavor in her food
  78. I think I am allergic to my house- everytime I come home I break out
  79. I try to be the best woman/role model for my little sister
  80. Smiles for no reason
  81. I wish I had a personal fashion designer
  82. I want to empower all women
  83. Most of the music/songs I like truly speak to my soul
  84. I like to receive feedback to see how I can become a better person
  85. Made up my own game on facebook,  whenever I get bored lol
  86. I google myself, all the time!!!!
  87. I was so disappointed to find out that I was not the only HerBrina
  88. I love to reflect on things and see how much I have grown
  89. I laugh at myself all the time
  90. Never really been on a date (they make me way nervous)
  91. Will never judge anyone at all
  92. I am scared to go skating because I don't like to fall (it hurts my booty)
  93. I am trying to teach myself how to be organized
  94. Rather hangout with her family, than go out
  95. I blush and you can really see me turn red
  96. Did not get my first job until I was a sophomore at OSU
  97. I do not know how to change a diaper
  98. I love buying gifts for people
  99. Some people think that I am reserve when they first meet me, I am only observing how others act and rather or not I want to make them my friend
  100. I am impress with myself for thinking up 100 things to type on this blog lol
I hope you enjoyed it!!!!

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  1. Awesome, HerBrina! Congrats on the 100th post and love the new layout. :) I changed mine, too!