October 11, 2009

8 months in the natural game :o)

So it has been 8 months since I did my big chop and I am loving every minute of it. Recently I have been debating what I should do with my hair for the winter weather because I do not want to do wash and go's when it is cold outside. So I did some twists on my hair.... Yes you have read right lol I DID MY OWN HAIR!!!!!! I was quite nervous when I started twisting my hair because I had no idea how it would come out but I think it came out alright. I think this is the style that I will try to keep up with for this winter. Gosh my hair has been growing alot and I can't wait till it gets to the point where my twists are long enough to style. Here are some pics of my new hair.... Let me know what you think!!!!

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