January 15, 2010

Want to make it more than a RESOLUTION, I want it to turn into a lifestyle

So I have been working out for a complete week and I feel GREAT!!!!! Like oh my goodness like every part of my life has been amazing and I believe its because of me taking the healthy plunge. Usually whenever I start living healthy I am always strong the first couple of weeks and then life hits me and I just STOP...... I so do not want to do that now because I have true meaning of trying to be healthy this time. If I stop living healthy I am going to be so disappointed in myself..... I can't and will not do it. So as everyone knows the first couple of weeks in January all the resolutioners take over the gym and all the aerobics classes so my goal to reach is to go past the point where people think I am a resolutioner. Based off of my friend she told me that most of the time people do not drop their resolutions until Jan. 17 (which is tomorrow), so I am already past that date but for me if I reach March/April and still living healthy then I know it will be for a lifetime. So that is my goal right now is to continue doing what I am doing through Feb and the rest of my life.

So next weeks goal for my self is to start this walk/run routine that is suppose to last for 6 weeks. Its a program that will get me running for a whole 30 minutes. Wow, just imagine me running!!!!! Right now run is not in my vocab but on Monday it will be!

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