December 26, 2009

A new twist for 2010... I hope it works

Merry Day after Christmas!!!!!!!!!

So my Theme for 2010 is to change my mind set.... I feel that every year I am so determine to lose weight, become a better person, stop procrastinating. And every year I end my new year's resolution a month or two after I started it. Just sad!!!!! So I decided for 2010 to change my mind set and instead of having resolutions I have decided to set monthly goals for myself to achieve. People always say that setting smaller attainable goals are better than setting big resolutions. Basically these monthly goals are my road map to my final destination.

Goals for January 2010

-healthy living goals every week
- exercise once a week
- stick to a schedule (work/school)
-go to the library after class
- drink 32 oz of water a day
- start budgeting
- keep a journal (daily)
- meditate on a scripture every day
- memorize a scripture weekly
- always read a book I enjoy
- take water aerobics
- every Saturday= cleaning day
- have a health challenge every week
- crock pot meals for dinner
- lose 1-2 pounds a week