November 16, 2009

I got my hair trimmed for the very first time!!!!

So this past weekend I got a trim for free!!! Let me tell you, scissors have not touched my hair since my big chop and that has been 9 months now. My hair truly needed a trim but I was afraid of someone doing it and not knowing what they were doing but let me tell you, I was blessed to meet a lady who knew what she was doing. I had to ask her what steps she would take to trim my hair. And she said the obvious... "I won't cut off too much, just the split ends" I was thinking in my head like everybody said that. And then she said what I was looking for, that she would wet my hair first before she combed it. I knew right then that I was about to get my hair trimmed. Well I got it trimmed in someones kitchen (never did that before but I was at a like a women's retreat). Man, my hair feels so different from the trim! It feels amazing!!!!! Its soft and healthy and everything!!!! I had to apologize to my hair for waiting so long to get it trimmed. I will faithfully trim my hair every 3 months because it looks and feels so healthy!!!!!!!


  1. Congrats on the trim! I hated when my guy had to trim my hair. Since then my hair has been growin like crazy! We natural gals forget sometimes we need trims too! :-)

    On another note...I happened upon your blog doing a search for Anansa Sims. Ran into 'Green Eyed Lady' and saw your blog name in her blog roll and I was drawn to it. I'm Single, Sassy and Saved too! Something told me you had the same blog bday I do. So I looked...and you DO! Yeaaahhh Nov 17th! Happy Blog Birthday! ;-) See ya round! :-D

  2. Congrats on finging someone that didnt cut too much off...Im in that same boat right now! So if you know of anyone in the Cleveland area that wont cut too much let me know!!!

    Thanks Daydreamer for stopping by on my blog!!!