November 17, 2008

In Her Footsteps.......

Hey Everybody!!!!! This is my first blog under Single Sassy and Saved! I am super excited about this. I have blogged before but haven't really kept up with it but I am DETERMINED to keep up with this one (I promise). Before I start anything I just want everyone to leave feedback please!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love to hear other peoples opinions.

Ok to my blog now...... I just started volunteering at W.E.B. Dubois Learning Center in Kansas City and I love it. I am tutoring kids in math which has been my dream for the longest. Anywho, this past Saturday we had a Staff Meeting and at every meeting they give away prizes to people who attended the meeting and I received a prize!!!!!!! Do you know how excited I was to receive this prize?! Well the prize that I won was a book called In Her Footsteps which is a book that list 101 remarkable Black Women. I was so pumped for this book because based upon my friend Shenena I am all about my Black Heritage, which I am but trust I truly embrace all of the cultures but I REALLY EMBRACE MY CULTURE. So one of the main reasons why I decided to start this blog was to talk about some of these Black women in the book. I think it is so much Black History that people do not know because our education does not take the time out to teach it. So I am going to school some peeps on it. I will start the list when I get back from my classes today lol I have to run to class. So I hope you will come back later to read about 101 Remarkable Black Women!!!!



  1. Sounds good so far. I'm definetly looking foward to reading about these remarkable Black Women...

  2. let me borrow that book!

    <3 your ex roomie :D

  3. hahaha i want to borrrow the book as well! and i agree that you do embrace your Black heritage and like are always seeking that knowledge so i love it! loooking forward to these posts yo!